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The Mediterranean Pearl

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Welcome to Villajoyosa and our apartment!

 We hope that you enjoy your time here. These are some recommendations and house rules:

• Our check-in hour is between 16h and 17h. If you checkin before to the apartment, maybe the towels or bedlinen will not be dry. Please gather up for your own use.

• Guest are requested to throw the rubbish out before leaving the apartment. Also, they should put the bedlinen and towels used in front of the washing machine.

• All the electronic devices should work. If them don’t work, please, let us know as soon as possible.

• The apartment has a bedlinen set and enough towels per guests. Them could be washed by yourselves in the wash machine. However, if you prefer that we change the bedlinen and towels during your stay, it has an extra cost.

• The apartment towels are not allowed to be used for the beach.

• Guest are requested to use beach shower to avoid bring sand into the apartment. We should do this because of the environment and hygiene.

• If the apartment has wood blind or awning and it is windy, please gather up. If you do not roll up it could be broken.

• If you use many electric devices at the same time, the electric fuses could turn off. If it happens, you should look for the fuses box and turn it on.

• In case of deterioration of any good of the apartment, due to incorrect use, it must be replaced.

• Do not forget! If you exceed maximum capacity without previous agreement, it is motive for contract resolution.

Our apartments usually have one or two air conditioner devices which makes summer heat more bearable. However, we must make responsible use of them.
It is recommended to put a constant temperature between 24 and 26 degrees. This temperature might be enough to cold all the apartment. If you decided to put the air conditioner under this temperature, you are taking the risk of heat stroke and more health problems.
Push to the limit the machine could make a wrong development of it and the drain collapse.
When you turn on the air conditioner, please close all the windows and doors to keep inside the cold temperature.


Health center 966 87 06 00

Hospital Marina Baixa 966 85 98 00

Taxi Marina Baixa 966 81 00 10

Taxi Jorge Bermúdez 696 52 01 90

Alicante  Airport 913 21 10 00

Policía Local/ Police  965 89 00 50

Guardia Civil  965 89 11 43

Theatre 966 85 19 06

Tourist Info Villajoyosa 966 85 13 71

Chocolate Museum 965 89 09 50

Chocolatería Valor 966 85 25 00

Archaeological Museum 966 50 83 55

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